Kinder Album Ukrainian, b. 1982



Kinder Album (b.1982) is based in Lviv, Ukraine. The artist works in drawing, painting, graphics, street art, photography, video and installation. Kinder Albums most recent exhibitions include The Trap and L á lbatros mon amour in Jujooceanija, Kotor, Montenegro both in 2016, Pinchuk Art Centre Short List Exhibition, Kyiv and the solo exhibition, Anamnesis, at the Piekno Panie gallery, Lublin, Poland in 2015. 


In 2012 the pseudonym, Kinder Album, emerged as part of an ongoing virtual art piece of the same title. The artist describes Kinder Album as ”a collection of intentionally primitive drawings, depicting stories as if a child told them to the grown-ups.” Naked bodies are left vulnerable for the viewers ́ eyes, the main subjects being sex and death; the bare essence of life.