Code art fair 2017

August 31 - September 2, 2017

Ursula Reuter Christiansen
Nikita Shalenny
Maria Kulikovska
Julia Beliaeva


Sabsay presents a compilation of portrayals of female body approached through different media by Ursula Reuter Christiansen (painting), Julia Beliaeva (Virtual Reality), Nikita Shalenny (watercolors) and Maria Kulikovska (sculpture). 

Art has continuously conveyed and maintained cultural ideas about beauty, gender and power, exposing the female body, its vulnerability, its powerlessness, and its need for protection. At the same time art liberates, creating a space of free expression and change, where feminist artists among others have strived to understand and prevent the victimization of women. 

On this threshold between the victimized and the free female body the composition forms a space for suffering and discouragement as well as for hopefulness and empowerment. The woman is exposed as an object of desire and control, feared but also loved, used and enslaved but also cared for. 

The show is just as much a glimpse into the mind and body of the woman facing the violence in the world today at large. From its beauty, fragility, transformation and decay to its protective instinct of motherhood to the male fantasy about mastering it, the female body remains a battlefield. 

Fights for territory take place on a global scale, creating new borders and structures, which control our bodies while violence against women in war or in peace remains a reality. As war devalues the body we keep fighting for value and territory inside each other and ourselves.