KYIV ART FAIR 2018: Booth B16. Nikita Shalenny & Thierry Geoffroy

23 - 27 May 2018

SABSAY is thrilled to present artworks by Thierry Geoffroy and Nikita Shalenny at Kyiv Art Fair 2018. 


Tents have been part of Thierry Geoffroy/COLONEL’s oeuvre since 1991. Using the sides of the tents as a canvas for painted statements, the artist transforms the tents into mobile sculptural objects. The tents on show have been placed in Athens and Venice last year and relate to their original contexts of Documenta and the Venice Biennale. Now occupying space of art institutions, each tent presents critical thoughts and addresses open questions in relation to these staged art events. Associated with refugee camps, the medium of the tent also conveys the rootlessness of the growing number of people around the world, who are being displaced by war or environmental problems. In our time where the masses have been claimed to seek spectacle and entertainment rather than messages and meaning, the tents intend to stimulate debate and critical thinking.

In Shalenny’s VR work the viewer goes beyond the horizon on a compressed forty thousand kilometers journey around the world. Shalenny has long been fascinated by the idea of the bridge in his works, taking an infinite bridge as a starting point for imagining a way of escaping the ongoing crisis in the land where he resides. Based on watercolors by the artist, one setting replaces the other as ghostlike figures cross birch forests, oil fields, abandoned churches and oceans in a limitless universe. Seen in the light of the current global refugee crisis the infinite bridge seems like a symptom of our times, or, a cure for an escape attempt. The construction of a bridge allows one to access the other shore with ease, to solve the gap between longings and goals and dreams, which else remain distant.

Installation Views