Trust me if you can't

Tracey Emin
Kinder Album
Julia Beliaeva
Tao Hui
Mille Kalsmose
Simone Leigh
Christoph Schmidberger

20 May - 10 September 2016

SABSAY, the new art space in the heart of Copenhagen, is opening the exhibition of contemporary female portraits presented in diverse media: video, photography, painting, animated drawing, participative live installation, virtual reality and sculpture. The group show features artworks from a mix of established and emerging artists. The focus revolves around the subject of the present day female identity, exposed through the prism of new media art in juxtaposition to traditional techniques.

Exploring the nature of womankind, each artwork on show contributes to the puzzling image of a female creature. The title of the show brings about the sensation that we fail to see the depths of the female soul because we are always only seeing the mere representations instead.