kinder album
effective reflection

24 August - 28 October 2017

Press release
Dansk / English


The exhibition revolves around the negotiation of female identity and self-understanding as it takes place in the mundane encounter between woman, mirror and the world. Through drawing, painting and video, Kinder Album explores this interaction, providing an insight into how female identity is maintained and generated through representation and social relations.

In Western society, the narrative of decline currently frames aging, the aging of the female body being no exception. Laying bare this issue, Kinder Album depicts women who are stripped of any complexes and inhibitions of gender and age in the strangest, most intimate moments. The paper, the canvas, the mirror and the screen all appear as surfaces of the unknown as the bizarre narratives of the works are never clear or completed. We are left with the mystery, wondered by reflections.

Challenging the seemingly neutral space of the gallery Kinder Album uses restroom symbols to indicate a public and gendered space. The private and vulnerable position of facing the mirror is exposed to the public through the gallery space and transferred to the position of the viewer.

Throughout art history in painting as well as in photography the mirror as medium has played an important part in the self-portraits of different artists. The exhibition relates to this self-reflective tradition without appearing as the self-portrait of the artist herself but instead of random women, therefore every woman, addressing the question if womanhood can be considered universal. No matter what, going through life without reflecting ourselves in others and vice versa seems inevitable.


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