May 20 - 26, 2019

Nikita Shalenny

“I will never be able to feel what she, riding the tree trunk, is feeling. At that moment, when she is sitting astride, who is the head? Everyone thinks that they are.”

Sabsay presented works by Nikita Shalenny at Kyiv Art Fair 2019. Shalenny created a series called ‘Penetration’, which is a project about men’s personal complexes. It refers to the feelings, which men in most cases tend to hide. The main focus is on the fear of men of not being strong or masculine enough. The key figure of ‘Penetration’ is trying to get through all the difficulties and barriers of becoming mature, and to conceal all the mental complexes he has. Moreover, the central figure is experiencing a conflict with the opposite sex. In the attempt of dominating over a woman all the weaknesses and imperfections are revealed.  

Shalenny’s ‘Penetration’ series take place in a former Soviet factory, where the author is creating the atmosphere of Western Movies and adding the dramatic pattern to the vibe of the location.