URSULA REUTER CHRISTIANSEN presents works at "Window shopper" 2019.

In conjunction with "Window Shopper", 2019, Ursule Reuter Christiansen presents Annabell and Beatrice. 


Clothes – and especially dresses and furs – have occupied Reuter Christiansen for as long as she can remember and through the years they have played a central part in her performances and video works. For her clothes is not just something you wear. Clothes are history and identity. This is precisely the reason why she made weekly visits to Birger Christensen during her time as a professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the 1990’s. Mostly as a window shopper, and once as an actual shopper. The fur coat which is now part of the installation, was bought at Birger Christensen and for many years both the extravagant fur and its price were kept a secret for both the artist’s family and close friends. In 2019 Birger Christensen celebrates their 150 year anniversary and bringing them together with Reuter Christiansen highlights both the brand and the artist’s equally iconic statuses in the Danish cultural scene.


23 Aug 2019
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