KAARE GOLLES part of group exhibition at Museum Flensburg.

The group exhbition, Grenze, Grænse, граница in Museum Flensburg is open to the public from November 10, 2019 until Febraury 2, 2020.


This exhibition was conceived by the idea that art repeatedly violates borders, and has been the driving force behind further development for centuries. Artists from Germany, Denmark and Russia were asked to deal with the topic of “borders” in all its facets.


Both figurative and abstract artworks are included, sadness juxtapose exuberant happiness, comments are sometimes characterized by lyrical pensiveness, sometimes by caustic polemics. Some works of art have real borders on the subject, such as the death strip along the former German-German border, the “New Silk Road” or the “wild boar fence” between Germany and Denmark that is already under construction. Others deal with people who reach their limits in extreme situations or with places where - such as in the former German, now Russian Kaliningrad area - the shifting of a border has left its mark. Some artists dare to venture into the border areas of human existence, others investigate the question of whether borders can be depicted at all.

10 Nov 2019
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