ZACHARY ARMSTRONG's work included in group exhibition at Lehmann Maupin.

cart, horse, cart, a group exhibition that spans both of the gallery’s Chelsea locations, is co-organized by Curator Michael Goodson and Lehmann Maupin Curatorial Director Anna Stothart.


The exhibition brings together the work of 15 artists. The works presented emerge from more traditional formal, material, and spatial concerns, while also explicitly engaging with social, political, and psychological areas of influence to expand the established narrative traditionally used to answer the question, “Where does abstraction come from?” Comprised of an accomplished and diverse group of artists, this exhibition explores the intrinsic, rigorous, hybrid, and systematic qualities these artists pursue within their individual practices. The viewer is thus encouraged to consider a more expansive view of abstraction that includes, but is not limited to, personal and shared histories, cultural specificity, modes of identify, and of course, process.


20 Jun 2019
of 35