Usula Reuter Christiansen, Denmark, April 2020

Artist's talk
20 Apr 2020

“Painting these large canvases is to me an act of freedom”. Ursula Reuter Christiansen is doing great, working away in her studio in Møn, Denmark. On the wall is one of her new large scale action paintings “Apocalyptic Landscape” made for the exhibition at @denfrieudstillingsbygning which is postponed to next year due to these special circumstances. This is episode 2 to a series of video introductions to our artists from around the world telling about their life and work under the #covid19 each in their own unique way. More on our website #ursulareuterchristiansen #sabsayartist #painter #perfomanceart #sculpture #installation #artintimeslikethis #ArtKeepsGoing Date: Thursday, 16. April, 2020 Place: Askeby, Møn Viola: Asbjørn Nørgaard Camera: Caroline Bittencourt